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Health is a very important aspect of living a successful life. As they say, ‘health is wealth’. Presence of health keeps us active and progressing in life. We must take precautions to keep us intact. My friend Jack, he suffers from health issues related to his lungs. Professionally Jack has been a woodworker for 15 years now. Woodwork involves sawing, grating, and drilling of wood amongst other things.

A good amount of dust gets scattered and mixed with the air around you when you do these kinds of work. Years of breathing such polluted air can cause occupational asthma. This could be prevented if the woodworker cleans up the leftover dust after every session of work. Hence, it is very important to use a dust collector for those of you out there who work with wood on the daily.

Dust collectors collect the dust exerted from the woodwork. Sawing of wood with a miter saw results in the dust spreading everywhere around you. So, you must pick the best miter dust collector.

After a lot of research, I have selected some options for you that are within an affordable price. The following article is going to guide you with everything you need to know before buying a dust collector for a miter saw.

Our picks of the best miter saw dust collection:

There is an availability of miter saw dust collectors in the market ranging from different brands to different models. I don't wish to let you be confused before the purchase of such a useful product and be unsatisfied with it later.  Hence, I’m here to guide you through the features of some specific dust collectors which are bound to do the job with excellence. These sawdust collectors are:

1.Rousseau 5000-L Lighted Dust Solution for Miter Saws:

Rousseau Co. has been a part of the wood industry even before I was working with wood. High-quality accessories related to woodworking have been produced by them. But this is the first time they have brought in a miter saw dust collection hood. This is an efficient dust collector with high-quality performance.


The physical formation or composition of this device can be divided into two parts. One is its supporting framework, that is made of metal. And then there is the canopy hung up over it. This canopy is fabricated with ballistic nylon clothing. There is an elastic present that helps with pulling in of the canopy’s top and bottom. The hood possesses more of a bulky kind of a structure. It has the perfect accommodable size so that most miter saws get along well.


The process of installing the device is uncomplicated and painless. Whichever approach you take, I do not think it should take you more than one and a half hours. It took me pretty much that long but I took a rather experimental route in installing the device. So, I am pretty sure it will take others less time than that. While installing, it is important to place the hood in such a way so that the hood face and the saw fence of yours are co-planer to each other, since Rousseau encourages to do this.

Dust collection:

It is an especially constructed dust collector for collecting dust created by miter saws. Interior Baffle is present which prevents fine dust particles from escaping.

Power Source: 4-inch O.D. Vacuum Port is present in this device.

Accessories: As an accessory, the device includes LED lighting that is to be wrapped around it. This makes the workplace illuminated and safe at the same time.


Weight of the Product:             9 pounds

The material of Product: High-Density Nylon


  • Hood assembly isn't required.
  • Composition is simple
  • Easy on the eyes
  • The visibility and precision are increased.
  • Even fine particle of dust is collected.


  • The warranty is not for a long time.


Q-1: Can a 7 ¼ Ryobi miter saw be fit within it?

Ans- If a solid wood base that is wide enough to accommodate your and the device is built, then yes you can.

Q-2: Does it come with the vacuum?

Ans- No, it does not.

2. Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws:

Here we have selected another magnificent dust collector from Rousseau for you. This is another suitable option for collecting miter sawdust. This device is constructed of high-quality materials.


This model of dust collector has a metallic skeleton as well. This metal skeleton is covered with a canopy made of nylon cloth.


For comfortable and fast installation, there is a pop-up tent. It does not matter at what angle you install; it is suitable for all kinds of miter saws.


Dust Collection Capacity:

At first, fine as well as heavy sawdust is collected by the device and then it directs airflow to the 4-inch vacuum port. This helps clean the workstation perfectly along with purifying the air around you from any sort of sawdust.


Storage and transportation:

You may be wondering whether this device can fit into your compact garage where you perform your DIY woodwork. If you are a professional then you may think that your studio or workstation is already overcrowded or that it is not possible to leave the device at work. Well, in that case, worry not. For compact storage and transportation, a unique feature allows the hood of this device to fold into a heavy-duty carry bag.


Weight of the Product:             9.85 pounds

The material of Product: High-Density Nylon


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Shortens clean-up duration drastically.
  • Comes at a good price
  • Reduces irritation
  • Cleans up all size miter sawdust.


  • The canvas is not arrow proof.


Q-1: Will I be able to make my sliding compound 12-inch Dewalt work with this particular device?

Ans- I think you will. I have one as well and it works perfectly.

3. FastCap SAWHOOD WHITE ChopShop Saw Hood:

This grand solution is one of the best miters saw dust collection apparatuses. Although, this can be used to collect the dust created by chop saws, lathes, and wet saws as well.


This device is fabricated with plastic material and weighs about 15.4 pounds. The hood is of nylon construction.

Dust collection:

This device meticulously collects dust from your workstation by keeping the work environment tidy and comfortable. It cleans the atmosphere around you as well from the dust created by working with sawdust and other debris.

Accessories: It comes with a water spray bottle when you use it with a tile saw.


Weight of the Product:             15.4 pounds

The material of Product:  Plastic


  • Water-resistant
  • It can serve you as a protecting cover while you work outside.
  • Usable not only while you work with sawdust.


  • It is not possible to attach a dust collector hose to it.


Q-1: I would like to know if the front fabric flap comes with this device?

Ans- Yes, it does come with the device. When it is not required, the fabric just flips over the top.

Q-2: Will this device be smooth sailing while working with my Dewalt 12-inch miter?

Ans- Yes, you can comfortably make this device work with a Dewalt 12-inch miter.

4. PSI Woodworking DBGULP Big Gulp Dust Hood:

PSI Woodworking DBGULP Big Gulp Dust Hood is an innovative saw hood that takes precautionary steps, that plays a role in preventing the dust grated while doing woodwork from spreading out into the job site.


It is constructed with rigid ABS plastic. It weighs about 2,2 pounds. So, it is pretty lightweight. You can easily understand that a lightweight dust collector is going to be more comfortable to work with compared to a heavyweight one with all the moving around to be done when woodwork is tiring as it is.

Dust collection:

The dust hood consists of an opening that is of 13-by-16-inch. This device is capable of collecting dust created while working with miter saws, lathes, radial arm saws, etc.


A lot of times it is not feasible to leave the dust collector at the workplace or in your basement or garage, in case you work from home.  So, you must be thinking portability is an important characteristic that should be possessed by a dust collector. Well, you are in luck, because this device is easily portable.


Weight of the Product:             1.8 pounds

The material of Product:  Plastic


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Capable of collecting dust created while working with multiple kinds of saws.


  • Does not come with an inlet.


Q-1: Will dust be collected properly with this device if the hood is just rested near the tool output?

Ans- Yes, it works well even if you place it below sometimes.

Q-2: Is it possible for this device get attached to a vacuum very well?

Ans- No, it is not.

5. DEWALT DW7053 Universal Dust Bag All DEWALT Miter Saws:

This Dewalt universal dust bag is an interesting option to have whether you are a professional woodworker or a DIYer and you are in need for a dust collector to reduce the mess from your Jobsite that gets created while working with miter saws. This can be considered as one of the best miters saw dust collector.


The dimension of the product is 16 by 16 by 2 inches and it weighs about 3.52 ounces. So, this is also a dust collector that is pretty lightweight and hence comfortable to use.

Dust Collection:

This is a universal dust bag in case of all Dewalt miter saws. It can collect dust created from cutting wood with all sorts of Dewalt miter saws.

Weight of the Product: 3.52 ounces.

The material of Product:  N/A


  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Overpriced


Q-1: Is it possible for me to use it with my Dewalt Biscuit Joiner?

Ans- No, it is not, since this device is made for miter saws.

Q-2: What exactly is the measurement of the inner diameter of the opening of this device?

Ans- The measurement is one and a half inches approximately.

All About Miter Saw Dust Collection

Though I have tried to select the best miter saw dust collection for you but many of you need to know about a miter saw dust collection closely. Now, we will help you out to understand this powerful tool more deeply.

The way miter saw dust collection works:

A miter saw dust collection is all about airflow. A 1-2 horsepower miter saw can take in all the dust that is around your working space. It is necessary to keep the opening very narrow. So that it can take the dust inside more accurately having a wide opening won’t be able to take the fine particles.


Building Your Miter saw dust collection:

I know there are many DIY enthusiasts’ people who want to build their miter saw dust collection for saving a few dollars. I won’t discourage to build your miter saw dust collector but I must suggest few things before you start making one.

Please make sure the following things to build:

1.       Heavy-duty horsepower dust collector. Has to be under 1-2 Horsepower.

2.       Build hoods to seal air gaps

3.       Door Sliding grooves

4.       Doors have to be miter saw table and behind the fence.

5.       Cut different sizes of pieces to determine the hood design according to the requirement.

Before you make a purchase

There are too many things you should consider before you purchase a miter saw dust collection. Always make sure you are choosing the miter saw which has high-quality build quality. It is important to choose the power tool with high durability and long life.

Selecting a power tool with high performance will make you feel the premium user through its service. Alongside that, it is also important to pick the miter saw with the portability and less space-consuming feature.


Through performing a close observation, I have concluded that Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws is the best option in the market when it comes to getting yourself a miter dust collector that is going to precisely collect dust, dirt, and mess that gets created while working with all kinds of saws. Flexibility is found in this product which is quite important while working with wood, as you must know.