Best Saw Horses | Expert Reviews And Buying Guide

I wrote this content so that you can buy the best saw horse with your valuable money. I will introduce with you the most discussed saw horses of the current time along with their detailed information.  Nowadays peoples are finding wood projects very interesting thus its gaining quite popularity. While completing a project you will feel the need for various types of tools and one of the most important tools is a miter saw. A miter saw plays a big role, but this big role can’t be played without a supporting role which is a sawhorse. Though you can cut woods with a miter saw but a sawhorse is a tool which helps you to cut it with more accuracy and in a convenient way. It holds the wood precisely and provides you a better position while cutting and giving shape.

Our Picks of Best Saw Horses

 It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, you must have sawhorse or stand to accomplish your task with perfection. There are several power miter saw brands who make sawhorses but you will have to buy them separately. So, before you buy any sawhorse you must read this content to choose the best sawhorse. We have listed all the sawhorses which are most discussed and highly recommended by current users. We picked up the optimum sawhorses which will worth your money.

1. DEWALT DWX725 SawHorse

Here I’m with one of the lightest sawhorses you will ever find. There is nothing new to introduce you to the brand DeWalt. Their motto “Guaranteed Tough” clearly states how much quality their products own. The manufacturer kept several things in the mind while designing this model, starting from size, portability, transportation, weight, and storage.

Surprisingly, it weighs 15.4 but it has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds. It is quite convenient to carry and store it as it has a compact design. This tool can be also called one of the best adjustable sawhorses. The strong aluminum leg provides excellent support to it and thus it remains in the original position.

Body: To make the sawhorse more portable and long-lasting it has been designed with aluminum along measurements of:

  • Width - Extended: 36" & Height - Extended: 32"
  •  Width - Folded: 36" & Height - Folded: 7"

Source of Power: Corded electric

Weight of Product: 15.4 pounds

Material of Product: Lightweight Aluminum


  • Easy folding and storage
  • Fast & easy setup
  • Lightweight but has highest weight capacity


  • Non-adjustable legs

FAQs :

Q: Is it rust resistant?

A: Well, as it is powder coated it doesn’t rust.

Q: Do the mounts come with it?

A: No. They are sold separate.

Yes, your search for multi-functional sawhorse ends here. Let us introduce you to this outstanding tool. As we all know most of the woodworkers look for multitasking tool and, in this case, we got a magnificent one. Worx Pegasus, The Designer team of this work station has proven that their creativity level is beyond the next level. It has been designed in such a way that the user can use it as either Worktable or as a sawhorse. It's not a tough job to do so, you can convert the table to sawhorse within seconds without any setup or difficult step. All these outstanding features makes this appliance one of the best foldable sawhorse among our picks.

You can also create a larger worktable surface by joining other Worx Pegasus workstation. The workstation offers 31” x 25” surface as a worktable and can hold up to 300 lbs.; without any kind of folding or buckling, which is ensured by their very unique link-lock system. Surprisingly this tool can also hold up to a weight of 1000lbs as a sawhorse. As the tool has a portable design thus it can be carried and transported anywhere and at any time.

Body: The tool is made up of composite material and this why it is compact and lightweight. It will last long as because of the heavy-duty plastic. You will get following measurement of the table:

  • 5” depth when folded
  • Table surface: 31”x 25” or 725 sqft. Inch along with 32” height

Source of Power: Corded-electric.

Weight of Product: 28 pounds.

Material of Product: High impact plastic.


  • Multifunctional tool
  • Lightweight
  • Stable & sturdy work surface.


  • Plastic body


Q: How wide can the clamps go?

A: 17.75 inches between the clamps.

Q: Can be used with Worx Pegasus for 12" miter saw stand?

3. Rockwell Jaw Horse Portable Material Support Station – RK9003

Here’s the stunning support station we picked up for you. The all-new Rockwell Jaw Horse is one of the most discussed tools of this time. The manufacturer only wanted to make a tool but they also wanted to help the user by innovative design and ideas.

This tool is designed in such a way that it provides you handsfree support for your projects, just by setting and locking sawhorse, bench vise, workbench, clamps.

The clamping force of 1 ton holds the project off the ground, providing comfortable working height. So, work without worrying about safety issues. It can take around 600-lb load as the tool is made up of steel, it delivers strength and rigidity. The work station makes it easy for you to work hands-free by the foot pedal. It is effortless to store the tool as it can be folded for storing and rolls are also provided for portability.

Body: It is built with solid steel for assuring high life expansion. It has dimension of 33.1 x 15 x 15.4 inches

Source of Power: Corded-electric

Weight of product:  38 pounds.

Material of Product: Steel.


  • Hands-free operation
  • Hassle free setup
  • Easy for transportation.


  • Cannot hold a 4X8 sheet of plywood


Q: Can be used as a router table?

A: Yes, Partially.

Q: Can this hold 1/2 emt pipe?

A: Yes, but has to be under 10 feet.

Let me introduce you to an excellent tool manufacturer. Keter is one of the leading tool manufacturers of the current time. With 18 plants around the 90 countries across the world, the manufacturer producing high-quality tools and serving the customers with dedication.

The workbench is not only for the professionals but also for the hobbyists or DIY enthusiasts too. It is so durable that it can be used at home projects and at the construction site too. With a very easy setup, you can get your projects done without any kind of additional hassle.

The worktable comes along with two 12-inch clamps and the working surface can hold up to 1000lbs. As the bar clamp can be mounted vertically or horizontally thus it can securely hold down projects off the ground. The steel legs extend the superior support you need while accomplishing any task with confidence.  You can choose this table as an alternative to a miter saw stand or a sawhorse. After you get done with your task you can easily store and even can transport it as it has a compact design and lightweight.

Body: Made from polypropylene resin, so it will be one of the toughest worktables you will find in the market. You will get following measurements:

  • Folded dimensions: 33.46” W x 21.65” D x 4.4” H
  • Assembled dimensions: 33.46” W x 21.65” D x 29.75” H

Source of Power: Corded-electric

Weight of product:  12.9 pounds.

Material of Product: Polypropylene resin and aluminum.


  • Non-rusting
  • Dent resistant
  • Includes two 12in. quick-ratcheting bar clamps


  • No adjustable legs


Q: Where is it manufactured?

A: Manufactured in Israel.

Q: Can be hammered on the table?

A: Yes, but not directly on the table.

So, here’s the sawhorse I want you to introduce with. The Hopkins came up with a very unique & simple sawhorse model, it is the sawhorse which is popular among DIY project makers. It has a very simple design and heavy construction. The sawhorse can take up to 2000lbs. with 8 feet long and 4 feet high. The tool doesn’t require too many things to assemble, all you need a screwdriver and the hardwires they provided you to affix. It is easy to carry anywhere and also easy to store as it is very lightweight and doesn’t take much space.

Body: The brackets made of heavy gauge with dimension of:

 17 x 15.8 x 10.1 inches.

Source of Power:  No power needed.

Weight of product:  8.5 pounds.

Material of Product: wood.


  • Lower shelf for extra storage
  • Only straight, 90-degree angled cuts


  • Lumber not included


Q: Does it come with enough to build two sawhorses?

A: Yes.

Q: Are these sawhorses foldable?

6. Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy 34-Inch Folding Sawhorse Legs for One Complete Sawhorse

I picked a different kind of item for you on this list. Right now, you are going to read about a sawhorse leg. Target Precision introduced this tool to help out people with their bench making and worktable making. A pair of rugged sawhorses is provided which supports weight over 1000 ton. You can also make a cheap shooting bench with this. The legs are capped with rubber and don’t slip, these are constructed of 1-1/4-inch diameter steel tubing. It weighs only 12 pounds thus it won’t be much difficult to store and carry

Body: The Legs are made up of tubular steel with powder coat finish. Bound to provide long-lasting period.

Source of Power:  No power needed.

Weight of product: 12.1 pounds.

Material of Product: Stainless Steel.


  • Available in two lengths: 34-inches and 28-inches
  • Can be easily adjusted to a quality sawhorse as per your specifications


  • Wood is not included


Q: What is the width of the leg when opened?
23.75 inches.

Q: Can be used to make a folding dining table?
Yes, but keep it about 36" wide and no more than 7-8' long.

7. Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Sawhorses – Set of 2 Heavy Duty Stands – Pre-Assembled

Here’s I have selected an excellent tool for both professional and amateur woodworkers. Particularly, this model of BORA Portamate has gained lots of positive feedback from the users and proved to be a worthy one.

The sawhorse is very lightweight and durable as it is made up of steel. The foldable legs make it easy to store and it’s also a positive feature for transporting. The sawhorse can take up to 500 tons individually and 1000 tons in pair.

Offering you a comfortable working height, the sawhorses has a top that measures 39” x 3. 5” and a wide, stable 29” x 48” stance. The steel tops can be used, or you can easily mount a 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” wood piece to using the pre-drilled holes.

The manufacturer knows that you are already busy with your project thus they are delivering you pre-assembled sawhorse! So just buy and get started with your project.

Body: The legs are rock solid and rigid thus it will be lasting for long. 

Source of Power:  No power needed.

Weight of product: 15.5 pounds.

Material of Product: Steel.


  • Comfortable work height
  • 2 sawhorses included
  • Pre-assembled


  • Center of balance is in a very narrow range


Q: Can I use clamps on this?
Yes, clamps can be used.

Q: What is the OD of the square tube legs?
1 3/16" square

8. Metabo HPT 115445M Portable Folding Sawhorses, Heavy Duty Stand, 4 Sawbucks, 1,200 Pound Capacity, Built-In Cord Hooks and Shelves

By renaming their brand, Hitachi started Metabo HPT. From the very beginning, Hitachi has been a renowned brand for its quality products and service. No doubt how quality products Hitachi makes, if you are a Hitachi fan then you must go for this tool, but before that read this first.

The sawhorse can take up to 1200lbs. per pair. It not only includes 2 sawhorses but 4 sawbucks too! The sawbucks have been designed in such a way that it can hold up to 2x4 flat on its side. For making the workplace clean and to keep things in your reach they also provided shelf and cord hooks.

Due to its compact design, it is easy to store and you can easily transport your worksite without any irritating hassle.

Body: Polypropylene material, for better durability. Rust resistant, dent resistant.  It offers work surface area to support 4' X 8' and it has dimensions of 32 x 5 x 27 inches.

Source of Power:  No power needed.

Weight of product: 11 pounds.

Material of Product: Steel.


  • Lightweight
  • 1200 lbs. capacity per pair
  • Built in shelf and cord hook


  • Not for professional use


Q: Do these come fully assembled?

A: Yes.

How wide are they?

A: Just under 27" at the top.

9. Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse

It is the second last pick! of the list. Stanley folding sawhorse is one of the popular sawhorses among the woodworkers and carpenters. I’m glad to review this magnificent tool for you. This sturdy sawhorse comes in pair and holds up to 1000 lbs.

The manufacturer designed this appliance with intelligence and provided top-notch sawhorse. The height of the sawhorse is 31 in. which lets the user work with comfortability. It can be easily collapsed and stored. The compact design of the body allows transporting easily.

Body: Multi materials are provided to make this outstanding tool, it has dimensions of 27.3 x 4.2 x 32.1 inches

Source of Power:  No power needed.

Weight of product: 12.5 pounds.

Material of Product: Steel.


  • 31-inches height for comfortable working
  • Multi-purpose side for hangers for storing accessories aside
  • Rubber points are provided with ruler for load stability


  • The clips sometimes get stuck


Q: What is the distance between the center line of the two notches?

A: 19 and 3/8".

Q: What is the height when opened?

A: 31.5 inches.

10. Superbuy 2-Pack Sawhorse Pair Heavy Duty Folding Legs Portable Saw Horses Twin Pack, 275-lb Weight Capacity Each (Classic)

Last but not means the least. Here we have reached to the last review of the sawhorse. This sawhorse can be called one of the best folding sawhorses among the listed. This sawhorse comes in a pack of twin and weighs 275-lbs.

The Anti-slip work surface makes sure you are getting premium work experience by keeping the piece of wood in the original space. And It can hold up to 600 lbs. in pair and as it has been designed with compact design, it can be stored easily and also can be transported without any hassle.

Body:  It has very strong body, as it is a heavy duty and high durability appliance it will last long without any malfunction. The sawhorse is constructed with stainless.

  • Unfolded Size: 39"x19"x31"(LXWXH)
  • Folding size: 39"x4"x1.5"(LXWXH)

Source of Power:  No power needed.

Weight of product: 17.75 pounds.

Material of Product: Stainless Steel


  • No installation is required
  • Anti-slip work surface
  • 275 lbs. weight capacity


  • No accessory holder


Q: Is the rubber strip removable from the tool?

A: Yes, but with difficulty.

Q: How to get them apart from each other?

A: Pull them apart to separate.

All About Sawhorse

In this section we will introduce you with sawhorse, it’s usage, feature, operation and all other related information.

What is a sawhorse?

A sawhorse is a simple appliance with four legs, which allows you to work with woods. It provides you space to place your lumber or board during sawing. For example, a sawhorse is a desk without any top on it but the lumber you put acts as the top. A sawhorse makes it easy for you to cut and shape your wood precisely.

Picking up the perfect sawhorse can prove to be a beneficial one, such as their versatile design. It makes very to adjust the sawhorse as per your comfort and height. The appliance is now being used by everyone.

I can assure you that there is no other easy way out for support lumber and other things than a sawhorse. Nowadays, folding models of sawhorses are quite popular as they can be stored easily when not in use. However, Conventional wood sawhorses are needed to be stacked when you are not using them.

I guess now you are very clear with the appliance, let’s move on to the next topic how to use a sawhorse.

How to use a sawhorse?

The first thing is first, unpack your sawhorse and assemble it (if required). After you are done with unpacking and assembling, at first, unfold the sawhorse and place your lumber on the top. It is necessary to position the sawhorse in such a way that both sides of the wood hang off a bit.

Don’t cut the wood at the middle of the sawhorse, or else it will break off the wood or fall due to center of gravity.

As you already adjudged that it could ruin your wood or even worse or could injure you badly. Make sure you clamp your sawhorse to prevent any kind of occurrences. You can also screw your material to the sawhorse to secure it but the sawhorse has to be wooden.

Using Sawhorses with a Circular Saw

It leads to a smart move when you use sawhorse with a circular saw, it delivers protection to your tables & workbenches from any kind of silly step.

Make sure that the material is securely lying on the top of the table & there are no obstructions below the material.

Types of Sawhorses

As previously we discussed that a sawhorse is a simple and mandatory appliance for every woodworker starting from a beginner to expert in the industry of carpentry and construction.

Mostly every sawhorse has basic construction and similar functionality thus there is nothing new to let you know about. There are four types of sawhorses are available. Now, I will discuss them with you.

1. Wooden sawhorse

Wooden sawhorses are traditional and the most common ones in the industry of sawhorse. However, several people like to build their sawhorses though a huge number of woodworkers prefer to buy readymade ones

 There’s a chance that you might cut your wooden sawhorse while working. Though it won’t cause big damage to your blade, and easily repairable but be aware of it.

2. Metal sawhorse

One of the most popular types of sawhorse is metal. Metal sawhorses are constructed with hinges for mobility and easy folding. Metal sawhorses are also used to cut other types of materials including metals.

As because metal sawhorse can damage your wood for home projects, thus, they are mostly found in industries. Mostly, Sawhorses are made with steel so that it can hold the heavy load and for durability. It is necessary to take good care of this tool. Keep all kinds of elements away from it including water to get long life.

3. Chainsaw horse

It is the least known type sawhorse. This type of sawhorse is mostly used in timber industries to cut large pieces of lumber. Chainsaw horses are made for heavy-duty and high performance it is quite difficult to build one for yourself.

Although mostly chainsaw horses are built with steel yet some are also made up of wood.

4. Lightweight sawhorse

 Last but not least, lightweight sawhorses are one of the most popular types of a sawhorse. This type of sawhorses is built for mobility and easy transportation. These sawhorses also come with a compact design which allows you to fold and store it after use.

Know what you are buying

It is very important to have proper knowledge before you buy anything, especially when it’s about power tools or gadgets. When you buy a power tool you should always notice a few vital things! Because you don’t buy a tool for a single project or two but a long-term project, so, for a long-term project the tool has to be a durable, efficient, easy and convenient one. It is necessary to pick the correct one otherwise you won’t be able to work comfortably.

Before you choose your tool, it is important to understand your need. Every user has a different need as because everyone doesn’t have same purpose or same kind of projects. Few users want to buy for commercial or professional purpose use and few users want to buy the tool for home improvement projects or DIY projects.

As a woodworker, you already know how important it is to have a sawhorse while completing your task. Nowadays, we see there is a great demand for sawhorses in the market. Although there are several renowned brands of sawhorse manufacturers yet some people prefer to make their sawhorse as per their preference & requirement. One thing we must appreciate, the sawhorse manufacturers design the sawhorses with a compact design along with lots of attractive features. Most of the readymade sawhorses come with an accessory holder, which impress users the most. Which lets the user to keep the accessories nearby and helps to keep the workspace clean. So, go through the lines below and know what you should give attention to the things before making your sawhorse or purchasing one.

Building a Sawhorse

Though we have picked up the best sawhorses in this review you can make or build your sawhorse. To build your sawhorse, you will need five pieces of 8-foot 2 x 4 wood with a height of 32-inches and a width of 32-inches too. Make sure you picked the quality wood pieces or else it will fail to hold a heavy load.


The material of build is one of the crucial factors you should look at before you consider to buy a sawhorse. While working, a sawhorse goes under high stress, thus you should pick a sawhorse which can prove to be a durable one. There are mostly two types of sawhorse you will find: wooden sawhorse or metal sawhorse.

Wooden sawhorses are the gentler ones and can be repaired easily if needed. However, Steel sawhorses offer portability and customization option being highly durable and lasts for long.

Capacity of Weight

It will prove to be a smart step to pick up a sawhorse with a heavyweight capacity if you are a professional woodworker or thinking to work for a long period. Although you can complete your task with small sawhorses which holds less weight and it won’t be a bad decision as a DIY enthusiast.

Height & Comfortability

It is necessary to work with comfortability other than the workpiece might not get perfection. As individuals, we all are different in heights so we also should check the height of the sawhorse. If the sawhorse is too tall you won’t be able to reach everywhere, or if you get a short one you will have to bend while working which might cause you back pain.

As there are lots of adjustable sawhorses are available, you should get one of them. Because if you work on multiple projects you might need different height at different times. You can also go for non-adjustable ones if you are determined to work on some types of projects.

Transport Potential 

Nowadays woodworkers prefer working on open space rather working on closed spaces. And the professional woodworkers also feel the need of carrying sawhorse from one worksite to another. This is why there is a great demand for foldable and portable sawhorses. It’s necessary to choose the sawhorses which have a compact design, it allows you to store it after you are done with it.  But you must also check the weight of the sawhorse and make sure its lightweight if you carry it often.

Facility of use

As a woodworker, you already have enough on your plate.  There are too many other things to do regarding completing the project thus, it will prove to be a good decision to choose the pre-assembled sawhorses.


Now it is the vital factor when it’s about buying a sawhorse. There is a variety of sawhorse and there are several factors why prices vary. The sawhorse price depends on the build material. If you go for a plastic sawhorse it will be quite cheap and god enough for home improvement projects and small projects. But Metals ones are a bit more expensive than plastic and wooden ones. As they are more durable and can hold more loads.

It is totally up to you, and your project. If you are planning to do some small DIY projects for a short time then you can go for plastic and wooden ones but if you are a professional woodworker or want to do big projects you should pick the metal ones because they provide a long life.

Worksite & safety

Whatever you do but safety should be your priority. If you are working with a power tool make sure complete protection is taken. A sawhorse is one of the most essential tools and there are some vital things you should notice before you operate it.

Select a decent worksite and make sure there are power supply, enough light and sufficient air for breathing. Keep all kinds of accessories away from the worktable and wires should be placed accordingly. Be careful while changing blades and cutting and shaping woods.

 Wear a safety google, air mask including hand gloves. Turn off all the power tools and fold and store your sawhorse when not in use. Do not bring any kinds of hazardous element near to the worksite.  Most importantly keep children away from the worksite.

An Additional Tip

It is better to be careful while doing heavy works or completing woodwork. Please make sure your floors are not getting scratched by sawhorse feet.  To prevent from any kind of scratches, you must use Ebco feet. It ensures smooth feet and yes, they fit in almost every sawhorse feet of every brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know that several questions are roaming around your head regarding sawhorse. And this is why we have answered some frequently asked questions by beginners and professionals.

Q: What are the features I should look before buying a sawhorse?

A: You should check several features of sawhorses before making a purchase. Starting from the material, weight, durability, dimensions, and transport potential.

Q: What is the difference between a traditional bench and a sawhorse?

A: a sawhorse allows you to work more efficiently as they can hold more weight than and also offers some attractive features. Whereas, traditional workbenches are quite static and bulky.

Q: Is it better to buy a twin pack sawhorse than single pack?

 A: It depends on your preference. If you are planning to work on big projects and require a lot of materials then go for twin pack and also will cost less than a single pack comparatively.

Wrapping up with a conclusion

I have tried to pick superlative sawhorses ever and put every detailed information regarding the tool, yet some of you may be still confused about picking up an ideal sawhorse or the best folding sawhorse. No worries, keeping things simple I will recommend you the best sawhorse among the listed ones for you.

A sawhorse is a simple tool, as I have mentioned before, it depends on you and your project which sawhorse you will need. But for your betterment, I would like to recommend you Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse. It is the most discussed and top-rated sawhorse. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional woodworker but it will definitely meet all your need.

An Interesting Fact!

Though I have done with the review of the best saw horses along with an ultimate guide but lastly, let me tell you an interesting fact!

In this entire world, there are different countries, and in different parts of countries, the sawhorse is called with different names. Here I have a few of them, you can hear that it is called a trestle or a saw-buck, a buck, or even you could hear it is called as mule or a pony. As a matter of fact, the sawhorse which is used as a rack for supporting logs is known as a sawbuck.