Best Table Saw Miter Gauge Reviews – Top 8 Picks of 2020

Working with wood requires various kinds of tools, to begin with. Table miter saws are undoubtedly one of the best tools used for woodworks. You will surely want the best table saw miter gauge that meets your needs.

But sadly, most of the miter gauges do not perform up to the mark. Although it is not limited to miter gauges only, you can find this flaw in every tool. Basically, they do not function the way they are supposed to be.

Well, that is where we come to help. We will give you all the details about the best kind of table saw miter gauge out there. And help you make an informed decision.

In this article, you will get some miter gauge reviews to make the best decision suitable for your needs. We have picked the best products that will surely satisfy you with their performance.

Let us dive in.

8 Best Table saw Miter gauge Reviews 

1. INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge

Looking for a miter saw that gives you all that you desire? Then look no further. The INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge is here to fulfill all your desires. With this one, you will get your job done with complete satisfaction.

This one has got the most amazing adjustable miter bar. It is exceptionally flexible. Also, this one comes with a steel Vernier scale, allowing you to get accurate measures of your woodwork.

Now you do not need to carry another additional scale to get precision anymore.

Its features do not end there. The handling of the INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge is unparalleled. You can use it very easily as it is designed for comfort in usage. Do not sweat about those hassles in using a miter saw.

The built quality of this miter gauge is really good. It is made of very strong and durable components. You won't need to worry about this one getting ruined from your rough woodwork. You can do your work without worrying about damaging the machine.

The best thing about this table saw miter gauge is the precision and accuracy you get with this one. Its functionality is undoubtedly the top class. It delivers exactly what it promises to deliver. You will be completely satisfied with the performance of this miter gauge.


  • Built with strong materials excellent handling.
  • Easy setup
  • Exceptionally well designed
  • Functions beyond expectations


  • Might be confusing for newcomers 
  • Bulky design
  • Fence flexes in an extended state

It is highly recommended for professionals who use the tools to achieve the best performance from their end — making sure to deliver quality work.

Although it's a bit expensive than the other miter gauges, it's really worth the money. But if you are someone who does just the DIY woodworks and nothing professional, then you can get away with the other usual miter gauges.

2. Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System

If durability is your prime focus on a table saw miter gauge, then Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System could be your go-to option. Because this one is made with quality materials that make sure to provide you durability under extreme work conditions.

Usually, manufacturers avoid this fatal feature of a tool. They leave out the durability factor. Which eventually causes the tools to perform well but for a very short period of time. But in this case, they really put emphasis on the durability of the tool even before other quality factors.

Now get a miter gauge that doesn't require any replacement for being damaged in the harsh environment.

Besides being the most durable miter gauge Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge also excels in functionality as well. You won't need to worry about the quality of the work.

As it comes already calibrated from the factory, you don't need to go through all the extra work required for calibration. With an attached micro-adjuster, you can make quick adjustments in the angles to cope up with the rapid workflow. Your tool won't be slowing you down anymore.

This one also has a Vernier scale that allows the user to make fast measurements without requiring any additional equipment. Precision in woodwork is really vital. With a scale to make measurements, you can really ensure accuracy in the work.

There is one downside to this product, which is its design. It takes a bit of time to get used to the tools. The unusual design makes it confusing to use for the initial use.


  • The most durable miter gauge
  • Top-notch performance 
  • Lasts a lot longer
  • Pre-calibrated in the factory
  • Quick adjustment feature 


  • Has a confusing design
  • Cannot handle larger workpieces 

This one is for the people who work in a harsh environment. This is why a strong durable tool is required to meet the needs and provide quality work. People using a miter gauge for lightweight work may choose not to buy this one. But it's really worth buying for the longevity it gives the user.

3.Incra MITER1000SE Miter Gauge Special Edition with Telescoping Fence and Dual Flip Shop Stop

Want accuracy in woodwork? Then you are exactly in the right place. Because the Incra MITER1000SE Miter Gauge provides you with unmatched precision. It won't disappoint you in precision, that is something we can guarantee you here.

You can adjust both sides of the bar with its six expansion disks. They will make sure zero side play, low friction travel in miter gauge channels. The most noticeable feature of this miter gauge is its capability of making quick adjustments. It never lets you down with precision at any cost. Now you can achieve perfection every single time you cut a wood piece.

Another distinct feature of the Incra MITER1000SE Miter Gauge is its telescoping fence. This has a miter fence that is capable of telescoping from 18" to a full 31" length. With this feature, it gives you a T-slot so you can add a sub fence for zero clearance.

The angle indexing is beyond perfection in this one. It's laser cut. So, it stops at every 5-degree interval ranging up to 180 degrees. Also, the Vernier cursor is always a good addition for miter saws. You won't need to find that angle stops from now on. They come to you by themselves as it just snaps to let you know the intervals.

The one feature that sets it apart from the other ones is the Dual Flip Shop Stop. It enables the user to achieve unparalleled accuracy.


  • Repeated angle stops at every 5-degrees 
  • Glidelock miter bar for better adjustments
  • Vernier cursor of 1/10°
  • Telescoping fence ranging 18" to 31."
  • Flip Shop Stop for excellent precision
  • Heavy duty steel protection


  • Isn't pre-calibrated 
  • Too many adjustment tools

Anyone doing woodwork professionally requires precision in their work. As they have to deliver quality work to satisfy their clients. So, the professionals should really give it a go. Although woodwork always requires precision, whether it's done professionally or DIYs.

IF you are looking for precision in your work, then there is no reason not to buy this miter saw for your woodwork. This is the best miter gauge for table saw providing precision.

4. INCRA MiterV120 Miter Gauge

Incra obviously makes miter gauges that give you precision. But they come at a high price every time. However, the INCRA MiterV120 Miter Gauge is a miter gauge that doesn't cost you too much at all. In fact, you can get one at under 100$.

Even though it doesn't cost you much, it provides quality. They don't compromise on that at all. You still get the trademark precision provided by Incra in all their products. It looks a bit small compared to the other miter gauges. But really don't judge this one based on its size.

This miter gauge has 120 stops that help a user to make easy miter cuts. You don't need to go through much trouble to get your woodwork done properly. It's quite efficient.

The small size makes it easy to handle and move around. You can get to the rough edges with this one quite easily.

With high-quality steel used for constructing the body the INCRA MiterV120 Miter Gauge ensures durability. This feature is really a surprise to find in a miter gauge in this price range. You don't get to see this much often.

The GlideLock of the miter bar makes it easy to fit perfectly with the saw. Also, the stopping capability at 22.5 degrees is an addition because you don't expect to get so many premium features in a miter gauge pricing under $100.

It sure does provide great quality in this price range. But it also lacks some advanced features, which make it easier for the user to come up with quality work. To sum up, we can say it's a decent miter gauge overall, but consider the price it's a excellent miter gauge you can try for yourself.


  • Sturdy built quality with high-end steel
  • 120 miter stops for easy cuts
  • Glide lock miter bar for better fitting
  • Comes with an attached removal retaining the clip
  • Doesn't cost much at all
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks advanced features
  • A bit heavier compared to other gauges

If you are looking for a miter gauge to get help for your DIY's only then you can go for this one as you won't be needing any advanced features. You can easily get your job done with this one.

Or if you have a big team where you will need a lot of miter gauges then you can use these alongside some top-quality miter gauges. They can fulfill what it lacks. This way you can save a lot of money from your end

5. Osborne EB-3 Table Saw Miter Gauge with Triangular Stability and Telescoping Fence

The Osborne EB-3 Miter gauge is an incredible product to own. If you work with table saws, then this miter gauge can be a must-have item for you. This is designed to be a metering solution for table saws.

This is a lightweight miter gauge, which makes it easy to lift and work with. It can fit in almost any standard width table saws.

This miter gauge uses a triangular model to angle the workpieces. Also, it maintains stability while using it. It doesn't have any protractor plate, which makes it different than the rest of the miter saws you usually see in the market.

It comes with an index system allowing it to get 20 stops within a 90-degree range of the gauge. You get to have 5-degree increments to get the angle stop to your preference. The 3 expansion disks give it an outstanding stability

It has also got telescoping fence bar that gives another unique touch in its feature components. In addition to that it has got Flip Shop Stop to secure the workpieces at desired positions.

Warranty can be a vital factor with these tools. But not in this case because you get a lifetime warranty on the Osborne EB-3 Miter gauge.


  • Easy setup
  • Better fitting in miter slots 
  • Quick, repeatable cuts
  • Handles long workpieces 
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Bulky design
  • Less accurate
  • Fence flexes when extended
  • Expensive

This is, without a doubt, a professional level miter gauge. It can well be the perfect miter gauge for table saw as well. Anyone willing to buy a miter gauge packed with numerous features will go for this one without thinking twice.

A miter gauge liked by most of the users. The Big Horn 14600 3/4" x 3/8" Standard Track Miter Gauge comes with standard 3/4" x 3/8" track angle ranging up to 90 degrees.

It's really good for cross-cutting as it provides you with great accuracy and precision. It's made of aluminum and steel, which gives it a good built quality as well. The simple screws set up on this one gives you a good option to make an adjustment with the slide. You can tighten it or loosen it at any time you want.

You can fit it on any 3/4" x 3/8" miter slot with pin stops on evert common angle adjustments. Additionally, it has got a locking washer that fits quite well into the aluminum track.

The best thing about this one is that you get all those features at a price under 100$. This can really be enticing for you. You won't feel surely disappointed as most people till now liked this one a lot.


  • Very affordable
  • Good built quality
  • Stops at all common angles 
  • Includes locking washers 
  • Supports any 3/4" x 3/8" slot


  • Unsafe at times
  • 0.5 degrees off at times
  • Lacks advance features 

If you are into DIY woodwork, no doubt, this one can be your go-to option. As you great all those features of a decent miter gauge at an attractive price. We wouldn't suggest this to the professionals as they will need those advanced features for ease of work.

Your search for a heavy-duty miter gauge ends here. Because the Woodstock D3123 Heavy-duty Miter Gauge is the strongest miter gauge, you will find out there.

It comes with only two components a miter gauge head and a miter bar. That's it. The protractor has got a 120-degree scale allowing the user to angle the workpiece according to his will. It can get up to 60 degrees in either direction.

This miter gauge is considered to be the strongest because of the material it is built with. It is made of cast iron and has got an exquisite black finish alongside a chrome-plated handle.

You can fit this in both standard slot and T-slot table saws. I am giving you a wider range to work with.

Again, this one will also cost you under 100$. You get a great deal with this one being packed with all those features enabling you better woodworking.


  • Easy setup
  • Good fitting in the miter slots 
  • Rapid repeated cuts
  • Strong built quality
  • Not much expensive 


  • Very heavy
  • Fails to handle longer workpieces
  • Doesn't feature fence bar
  • Lacks accuracy

Overall this one is a quite decent miter gauge; you can have a go with this one if you are into DIY wood works. As you probably wouldn't want to spend much on a miter gauge.

But for the professionals, it's totally a no go as it will slow down their work due to the heavyweight and also it lacks precision.

8. Grizzly H5774 Miter-Gauge 

The cheapest workable miter gauge is here for you. If you don't want to spend your dollars on buying an expensive miter gauge just to support your work. Then you can buy this one.

The Grizzly H5774 Miter-Gauge is a tool adjustable for zero side play and almost fits all T-slot table saws. Although it's a cheap one, it doesn't compromise with accuracy. With its milled face long bar, you get super accuracy.

You get a pretty good deal for the money. It costs you a bit more than 50$ and comes with adjustable angle controls.


  • Very accurate
  • Adjustable control over the angles
  • Fits all T-slot table saws
  • Got a long bar and large angle scale 
  • Very cheap


  • Too much paint
  • Not much durable
  • Lacks some features

This one is obviously not for the professional woodworkers. But if you want to use it for your home projects and don't want to spend a lot of money, then you can surely give it a try. You will be satisfied with the results.

Buying Guide

Do you want to know how does a miter gauge works? It's pretty simple. Miter gauge is a guiding device that moves inside the miter slot on the table saw which one of the most crucial components and it is mainly used to rip wood down to the desired width as well as adept at making cross-cuts and other more complex cuts.

When it comes to purchasing any miter gauge for your table saw, there are three very crucial factors that can be considered as "universal factors."

I will go on to explain the information further down below that would come useful for a lot of you.


The miter gauge has a specific use like any other tool, and ultimately it needs to be able to perform that specific job very well. If the gauge cannot perform properly or if it can't do well performance, then it doesn't matter if the gauge is easy to use or well-designed. If it can't do that, then it isn't a good tool.

Although, if a miter gauge is well-designed, then chances are high, it functions well. But sometimes you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Get a trial before you purchase the gauge. Or you can check people's reviews before purchasing or owning them.

Quality of Components

 Qualities of components are ties directly with the durability of your miter gauge. You know that a miter gauge must be made of good, high-quality components that will enable it to last a long time.

To function the miter gauge with precision, with ease, and with the flexibility, it has to be made with highly qualified materials. If somehow, the components that comprise the miter gauge are faulty or flawed or bad, then the rest of the miter gauge suffers as a result.

Through looking at the mechanism of the gauge, you can choose any angle between 45 and -45 degrees. This also ties in with the design, because the quality of the component used is a very big part of the overall designs.

Ease of Usage:

 Ease of usage ties in directly with the design of the miter gauge. If you can't figure out how to use it in just a few moments, then it's not going to be easy, simple to use and handle. 

A miter gauge that is easy to use and allows you to make angled cuts simply align the sheet with the straight part of the tool and push it together toward the blade. The saw makes the cut at an angle using the pivoting part of the miter gauge. 

Fences allow you to make rip cuts, square and angled cross-cuts as well as specialty cuts. In order to make a cross-cut, you need to slide the miter gauge back toward you to do things quickly, efficiently, and without any struggles.


Here we are at the end. Let's just give you a little summary here.

Well, if you are a professional woodworker, we highly recommend you to go with the INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge or Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge as they cost you more but really give you the precision you require in your woodwork.

They are really the best miter gauge for table saws you can choose either of them according to your preference.

If you want a miter gauge for DIY's or home projects, then Grizzly H5774 Miter-Gauge or Big Horn 14600 3/4" x 3/8" Standard Track Miter Gauge should be your choice as they don't cost you much.

All the other ones can be suitable for you as well if you can spend a little bit more and also want some quality work done for yourself. You can use those for both professional purposes and DIY's as well. That's up to your preference.