How to Change a Table Saw Blade Perfectly | Step by Step Guide

A table saw is a tool that is mostly used for craftwork related to woods. This tool is used for constructional work and also for home workspaces.

So we will tell you the items and the ways that are required for changing sharper in a table saw.

How to Change A Table Saw Blade:

This article examines the means associated with changing the blade of a table saw but you should also know the proper time when you should do it.

You should change the blade of the saw only when it is blunt.

Hints that Your Table Saw Blade Is Dull:

1.  The first sign is it will require more power to start to cut wood than it used to need previously or when the blade was new.

2. It will become slower comparatively, suppose when the blade was new it would have taken minutes to complete the slicing now it will take 15 minutes to complete the task because of the bluntness of the blade. The saw will become slower if the blunt is not changed.

3. It will become noisier when you will operate the saw if the blade is dull.

4. If the blade is blunt it will take more electricity to operate the saw for slicing purpose. This means your electric bill will also increase.

Why You Should Fix Dull Blades Urgently?

If you ever face dull blade problems in your saw, remember it will go on become slower until it completely stops working. Also, the more it takes you to hone the sharper, the more you abbreviate the life expectancy of it.

The steps to change the blade of the table saw are given below:

 Steps engaged with changing a table saw cutting edge:


There are some things that you will need to change the blade of a table saw. They are:

•             Another sharper of the table saw

•             A little square of wood

•             A screwdriver

•             Hex key

  1. Turn the table saw off

The most common mistake that almost every user make is that they do not remember to switch off the saw before attempting to change the sharper. It can lead to an unexpected situation if you be careless about turning off the saw.

2. Expel the  slicing sharper slot and the sharper

This stage is about getting rid of the chopping sharper, to do this you have to remove the sharper slot first. The metal is on the top surface of the table saw. Check around for every one of the screws that safe the plate and get rid of them individually. Turn the screws counterclockwise to slacken them. By doing this you will make the slot ready for pulling out the sharper.

After that, you would now be able to remove the slicing sharper. You have to put a square of wood against the sharper to keep it from shifting suddenly. Expel the nut and washer holding the sharper set up with a wrench. With care get rid of the sharper and put it distant. You can either take it to be expertly honed or introduce its substitution right away.

3. Introduce a chopping sharper

Tenderly place the sharper in its exact position with its teeth pointing towards the front of the table. By doing this you would now be able to put the washer and nut and fix the nut against the washer to hold the sharper set up.

Turn the nut clockwise to fix it. Then, introduce the plate the way in which you need it.

It is frequently fitting to think about how the parts are associated or fixed before destroying them with the goal that you will probably return them effectively once more. You can now reconnect it to control.

 Useful tips for using the table saw securely:

Indeed a table saw is extremely helpful but it can be also risky to use if you do not know how to use it properly. So first you should be aware of the safety tips to avoid any kind of accidents for using a table saw for a longer time.

 I have jotted down the safety tips below by thinking about your security:

  • When you are using a table saw make sure you wear eye protection and hearing protection.

Try to wear loose and casual garments when you are working with a table saw.

  • Try to maintain a clean working space free from any kind of soil or dust as if it goes inside the saw it can cause interruptions in your work.
  • You must go through the usage guide and read the caution tips properly before using the saw.
  • Before changing the sharper of the saw or any kind of fixes make sure the power switch is off or it’s separated from plugins otherwise you might suffer from serious electrical shocks which can even lead to death.
  • Before you start using the table saw make sure everything is all set to avoid any kind of fuss as it would be irritating to stop in the middle of your work.

Different various security tips:

Try to maintain a safe distance always when you are working with the table saw. As you can get serious kickbacks due to even a little bit of carelessness. But if you maintain the distance then you can save yourself from any kind of mishaps.

Most importantly remember to you use a drive stick instead of hands as fingers protection from the sharper while driving the board.


Now as you are aware of the process of changing a table saw blade, when the blade should be changed and also the security tips so it would be really easy for you do it your own self instead of going to any professionals and spending money for it.

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