Miter Saw Safety Rules | You Should Follow To Prevent Injuries

miter saw safety

Suppose you’re working on a DIY project that involves woodwork. Then there is undoubtedly no better tool than a miter saw to do your work.

Now while using a miter saw, you must be very careful of using it. A wrong move can result in serious damage. Blade speed of 140mph per hour can completely change the whole situation in a split second if anything goes wrong.

Common incidents that happen in the absence of Miter saw safety measures –

  • Eye injuries
  • Ear injuries
  • Physical injuries

Luckily, any accident regarding miter saws can be avoided by carefully taking preventive measures. That is precisely what I am going to discuss today.

The Miter saw safety rules Where to Use?

The primary intention of using a miter saw is to cut wood or wood-like products. Therefore, using it on such products will surely give you the results you hope for.

It would help if you did not use the Miter saw with rough cutoff wheels for materials such as metal bars, rods, or something similar to these. Cutting such materials may result in sparking, damaging the guard, and overload the motor.

Nevertheless, you can use a miter saw for cutting aluminum and non-ferrous metals using a specialized saw blade designed to cut them.

Confirm Stability:

An unstable miter saw can be a cause of serious accidents while working. If the miter saw isn’t set up correctly, then it can slip or tip while working. That may cause the saw to go everywhere.

So, when using a miter saw, you must ensure it is secured on a proper flat surface. It takes away the risk of instability of the miter saw. While cutting, always keep the miter saw table clear. Just hold the workpiece that you’ll be using. And move everything else away.

You should always keep the workpiece steady because the saw blade spins at close to 140mph so that it can make harmful projectiles out of the wood.

Use additional accessories:

It is recommended to use additional accessories. They make the work a lot easier and also provide safety. Below are some other accessories that can be used for

increasing safety-

  • Clamp tables: Clamps are used for securing an object tightly. It prevents the instability of the workpiece. While working with large pieces of wood, using a clamp becomes a prerequisite. It is a must for shorter pieces as well.
  • Extension cords: Extension cords help a saw to control various current loads. Which helps to reduce the risk of catching fire.
  • Saw Horses: Saw Horses is a stand used for cutting works. It’s a convenient tool to use around the house, on the job site, or in the garage.
  • Table extensions: Use table extensions for giving room to the workpieces that are longer than the tabletop. This way, you can have better control over the workpiece.
  • Crown stop kit: Sometimes, the blade can go overboard and cross the intended area, or you might get distracted, and anything can happen. You can use additional crown stop kits to make sure the blades stop right where you want them to.

Getting prepared:

Before starting to work on a miter saw for your project, you must get prepared. This preparation can be vital to your safety.

The precautions you must take before beginning to cut are as follows-

  1. Protect your eyes and ears. Wear safety goggles and earmuffs. Because you will be working close, you must consider the sound affecting your hearing.
  2. Look for any kind of malfunctions in the machine. If anything is found, don’t ignore it, even if it’s something minor. Fix the issue, then proceed to work.
  3. Using the recommended sizes of the blade is a must. A mismatched blade can damage the saw a lot.
  4. When making adjustments in the middle of the work, be sure to unplug or cut the power off. Lest it might get started, and you know what happens after that.
  5. Restrain from wearing long sleeves, loose clothes, wristbands, jewelry even gloves. They might get entangled with the blade and cost you a body part.
  6. Always keep your hands and fingers at a safe distance. As the blade runs at 140mph, your hands can wind up in the blade due to vibration.
  7. Cleaning the lower guard is a necessity. So, it’s easy to move and see-through.
  8. Avoid cutting small pieces. Also, use supporting tools to cut the larger pieces to avoid accidents.

These are some Miter saw safety rules that will pretty much help you minimize the possibility of getting injured.

Proper maintenance of parts:

Maintenance is an essential safety measure to take, especially for power tools. If the devices have broken parts, it will indeed cause some kind of safety issue. So, you must always go through the maintenance of these tools.

It would be best if you went through these steps for the Miter saw safety rules required to maintain the quality of the machine.

Keep the blade guards always in check. It is considered to be the most vital safety attribute on a miter saw.

Make sure the safety clamps are working correctly. Check if they are getting loose or not. If they are not functioning well, buy some new ones they don’t cost much.

Electric brake stops the rotation of the blades when you remove your hand off the safety trigger, which is a big help because the running blade can be a safety issue. So always make sure that the electric brake is working correctly.

Always keep checking the lockout triggers. It’s a switch that turns the saw on and off. So, a broken trigger can cause a lot of trouble.

Just like any other electric device, it keeps the Miter saw clean all the time. So, it doesn’t get dysfunctional.

Final Words

These were some of the miters saw safety rules that you must follow. Moreover, it would help if you always kept up with the instructions and user manual that comes along with the package. They might have their safety preferences in addition to the ones I discussed.

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